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The ingenious skill game

The Astrojax is a fun game where three balls are strung on a string. The middle of the three balls is loose and moves along the string while the other balls mark the beginning and end of the string. By tightening and relaxing the string, the balls and the string can be set in motion, creating funny shapes. 

The Beginnings of Astrojax

This game of skill goes back to the American physicist Larry Shaw. It is based on the physical laws of rotational dynamics. In Switzerland, the Astrojax became known through Active People. You can learn many great moves and tricks directly on the Active People website or on the Internet.

Various Farben and with light

This great toy is available in a wide variety of designs. The most exciting are certainly the luminous versions, with which you can conjure up incredible light structures in the air at night. A kit, which is very popular with schools and clubs, is also available and allows you to individually put together a wide range of Astrojax.