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of Moses

Black stories 6

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They are black, enigmatic and thoroughly evil: black stories - this is THE cult series at moses. and has been for over 10 years! The morbid, creepy, frightening and sometimes entertaining puzzles are about death and accidents that couldn't be more horrific. How did the naked man die on the mountainside and why was he holding a match? Why are three one-armed people happy about a package with a severed arm? Why did the family eat the grandmother by the spoonful? By guessing, the exact story behind it should be found out. Not always that easy...

How to play:

The card set contains 50 tricky, raven-black puzzle cards for teenagers and adults that have to be solved by clever questions.
The most fun is cracking black stories together with friends. One, the Lord, takes a card from the deck, reads the short story written on the face of the card. The ruler will find the answer on the back of the card, which of course he keeps to himself. Now the guessing people have to “ask” themselves about the resolution of the story. The questions should be formulated in such a way that the master can answer "yes" or "no". A creepy-fun guessing game that shouldn't be missing at any party!

Text: Holger Bösch
Illustrations: Bernhard Skopnik

+ 50 cards in a box
+ Illustrated in two colors throughout
+ on FSC®-certified paper

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