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Store in Zurich closed until February 28th. Online shipping normally possible.
Store in Zurich closed until February 28th. Online shipping normally possible.

Chicken Nugget Vintage Black

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Hason Chien Production Co. is remastering the deck as "New Vintage Chicken Nugget"!
What does "chicken nugget" mean? We're merging the original "Nugget" with the popular Chicken Nuggets to pay our humorous homage to the classic deck.

We designed parody face cards with the slogan "Quit Junk Food. Make life good." Quit high calorie fast food and play cards to bring more joy into life!

Time? No problem. Costs? Also no problem. We've made countless adjustments to recreate the blue and green colors of the vintage JNugg.

We have designed a new Chicken Nugget Ace based on the ace from the 1964 deck produced by ARRCO.

The Joker
Based on the style of the 1964 deck and with our logo we designed a new Joker. Its aesthetic and humor show our reverence for the classic.

vintage cane
We have developed the new paper material "Vintage Stock". It is lighter, thinner and more chewy than most papers used in playing card making.

The finish
We use "LEGENDARY FINISH" to make the card surface very glossy with the right stickiness for smooth fanning without falling apart.

The cut
They will be standard cut to maximize performance. Hold this deck in your hand and you will be amazed by its feel.

The box
We've reimagined the original box design for the Vintage Jerry's Nugget, with an integrated box and flap stamping that bring the classic back to life.

Red striped security tape
Each classic deck features a red-striped security band awaiting the hands of a card lover.

tax stamp
We recreated the seal sticker that ARRCO designed for the Vintage Jerry's Nugget box.

date stamp
Every time you open the card case, you'll be reminded of 1964, when Vintage Jerry's Nugget was born.

- The cards are the size of a poker deck.

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