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Store in Zurich closed until February 28th. Online shipping normally possible.

Crime total game box: in the shadow of the premiere

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Prague in the "Roaring Twenties" of the last century. You dance the Charleston, go to the theater or to the variety show. Those who can afford it enjoy the finer things in life to the fullest.

For 8 - 9 people

The victim:

Barbara Starova (29)
She was the new celebrated star in the Prague theater sky. It's a tragedy that her star faded on the night of the premiere.

The suspects:

Joseph Tycha (53):
Josef is the well-known and successful director of the Prague theater. Productions of plays by Shakespeare, Schiller and Goethe are associated with his name.

Helena Tycha (43):
Helena, Josef's wife, always wears the most beautiful clothes from the best tailors in town. She enjoys her glamorous life and prefers to spend her time in one of the numerous coffee houses with gossip and gossip about the latest fashion. 

Viola Tycha (19):
The pretty Viola is a well-behaved girl. Because of her very good academic performance, Viola attends the best private school in Prague. 

Franz T Thormayr (55):
Senator Thormayr is an influential figure in Prague. But his diplomatic services are also appreciated beyond the borders of Bohemia. 

Emil Hypschmann (37): 
Whatever is staged in Prague has to stand up to the critical opinion of publisher and theater critic Emil Hypschmann. Many a piece has been torn up by him in the air. 

Sidonia von Wolfhagen (64):
The Baroness von Wolfhagen is a theater lover. You don't miss a performance. Everyone affectionately calls her Babitschka (grandmother). 

Magdalena Husova (31):
Magdalena is a self-confident business woman who knows how to use her feminine charm profitably. Since her return from Paris, she has successfully expanded her small establishment into a large variety show. 

Tomas Magor (27):
Writer Tomas likes to spend his time in the many beer halls of Prague's Old Town for inspiration. It is well known that life writes the best stories. 

the inspector

Karol A. Fischer (39):
(optional role, can also be played as Inspector Karola Fischer)
The police inspector has been tasked with solving the murder. Due to his calm, purposeful manner and his keen sense of combination, the killer or killers are surely caught quickly.

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