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Store in Zurich closed until February 28th. Online shipping normally possible.

Krimi Total Spielbox: The dubious world of fairy tales

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Once upon a time, not so long ago, the fairy tale forest was no longer such a quiet and spotless spot as we always think. It was not lost on the fairy tale characters that children much preferred playing with the computer to reading fairy tales. And so the inhabitants of the fairytale forest made their own plans. Some things stayed the same, but a lot changed in the fairytale forest.

For 8 - 9 people

The victim:

The seven Dwarves:
Day after day, the brave little fellows searched for ore and gold under the mountain. Who could wish them harm?

The suspects:

Prince Charming:
The handsome young king's son will one day inherit his father's kingdom. He is already entrusted with important administrative tasks.

Snow White:
The beautiful Snow White has lived deep in the forest with the dwarfs for ages. 

Little Red Riding Hood:
The sweet little girl has now grown up. She often visits her grandmother out in the woods.

The son of a poor woodcutter enjoys life and loves to be lazy. 

Hansel's sister Gretel is a capable girl. In order to make a living, she hires herself out to the witch. 

The enterprising old witch runs the excursion restaurant "Zum Gingerbread House" in the middle of the fairytale forest. 

Evil stepmother:
The vain queen always strives to be the most beautiful in all fairy tales. Any means is right for her. 

Brave Little Tailor:
Because of his heroic deeds, the brave little tailor is respected and feared beyond the borders of his kingdom. 

The inspector

Mother Hulda:
(optional role, can also be played as Inspector Holle)
Mother Hulda, who in the good old days of fairy tales put so many to the test and judged good and bad, always keeps a keen eye on the fairy tale forest. With their help, the case will surely be solved quickly.

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