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Store in Zurich closed until February 28th. Online shipping normally possible.

Crime Total Spielbox: The Fall of a Lady

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A letter brings bad news to Lady Amelia Bryson's family in Victorian England. Despite the calm and healthy air of the Swiss Alps, the lady's health has deteriorated dramatically. Her doctor fears that she is in her final days because of her consumption.

So he calls her family together. Both Lady Amelia's husband and sister, with their companions, undertake the arduous journey to the remote Swiss mountain village to assist Lady Amelia in her final days.

The family, who have avoided each other for years, finally meet in their secluded country house. A storm descends over the valley like a bad omen. Lady Amelia dies before night falls.

By the flickering candlelight, those present want to clarify the reason for her death...

For 7 - 8 people

The roles:

Lord Nathanial Bryson (42):
Lord Bryson is a gifted poet and has a reputation as a scandalous bon vivant who roams the world.

Ada Bryson (19):
Growing up, Ada has spent the last few years with her mother in the remote mountains.

Lord Alistair Dredmore (39):
The Honorable Judge Dredmore is considered a tough but fair gentleman.

Lady Cynthia Dredmore (38):
Lady Cynthia, sister of Lady Amelia, watches over virtue and etiquette relentlessly.

Percy Arthur Dredmore (18):
Lord and Lady Dredmore's son is nearing the end of his youth. It's time for him to find his own place in society.

Julia Somerset (18):
Young and radiant Julia Somerset is betrothed to Percy Arthur Dredmore. This connection is said to bring together two important families.

Shelley Woolcraft (22):
Lord Bryson calls Shelly his muse. She has been accompanying him on his travels for months - and is the cause of many rumours.

The doctor

dr Charles Pecheur (41): (optional role)
The Swiss doctor has been taking care of Lady Amelia for years. Therefore he wants to clear up the violent death of his patient, where he will use his sharp analytical mind.

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