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Store in Zurich closed until February 28th. Online shipping normally possible.

Crime Total Game Box: The Yacht of Power

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Blue sky. Crystal clear water. Seemingly endless white beaches line the tropical island republic of Bananas Grandes.

El Presidente Emilio Mentirosa has ruled this small Caribbean paradise with its huge banana plantations for three decades. The former revolutionary leader likes to be celebrated by the powerful, rich and beautiful on every conceivable occasion.

For 8 - 9 people

The victim:

The unknown beauty (very young, age unknown):
Dressed only in a provocative bikini outfit, the unknown beauty lies dead in the President's suite.

The suspects:

Emilio Mentirosa (59): 
Since the revolution he has ruled his country unchallenged as President. His old friend General Ortega is also his most important ally.

General Juan Ortega (55): 
During the revolution, the President and General Ortega were comrades. The general ensures order and security with the military in Bananas Grandes. So even rebels - should there be any - have no chance. 

Eva Mentirosa (49):
The First Lady is elegant in appearance. She is the strong woman who stands behind the President and represents his country. 

Enrique Mentirosa (27):
The President's only son enjoys life to the fullest: Expensive cars, beautiful women and wild parties are his passions. 

Carmen Bonita (21): 
The classy Carmen is Enrique's latest conquest. She knows how to draw everyone's attention. 

Maria Dolores Conchita (38): 
As Advisor to the President, she works closely with Emilio Mentirosa. 

William Jones (37): 
Damn handsome William Jones represents a major tourism company. He wants to open up Bananas Grandes as a new holiday paradise. 

Letitia Frenesi (27): 
The rich Letitia inherited her father's business empire a few years ago. The company specializes in exporting bananas all over the world. 

the inspector

Carlos Pescador (41): (optional role)
So far, the inspector has not had any important cases to solve. The murder is his big chance to finally use all the tricks he's learned from the big TV inspectors

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