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We deliver from our own warehouse! Fast shipping and collection
We deliver from our own warehouse! Fast shipping and collection

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Learn magic tricks faster and easier with magic DVDs

You with a DVD significantly faster than with a magic book. You see how the magician demonstrates the magic effects and then you get the explanations immediately afterwards. With modern instructional DVDs you see the explanation for a single magic move from several perspectives and have a personal magic teacher who supports you in becoming a magician who amazes friends and acquaintances.


Find the right educational DVD for every area of ​​magic

You will find magic DVDs mostly in English. However, these are often easy to understand even with little knowledge of the language. Take the magic props to hand and join in the magic. Jump back one chapter on the DVD if you don't understand a magic trick. You can also find many explanations of magic tricks on YouTube or in special magic channels on the Internet. However, we believe it is worth learning directly from professional magicians who also have performing experience.


Combine magic DVDs with magic books

Spell DVDs are a good companion to spell books. You'll have the opportunity to watch an experienced viewer entertain his audience live, whether it's table magic, stage magic, or mental magic. Take the Great Card School by Roberto Giobbi as an example: here the art of card magic is brought closer to you as if you were having a private lesson with the card professional. Or treat yourself to excellent DVDs by Michael Ammar, Dan and Dave and Luis DeMatos.


Find the right magic DVD in English or German

We have sorted the magic DVDs into different categories in our online shop. Look for coin magic, street magic, or card tricks. You will also find historical footage of magic legends such as Cardini, Slydini, Jim Cellini and Fred Kaps. As well as instructional DVDs on all sorts of magic arts. You can also find magic effects with the enclosed instructional DVD directly in the respective magic article categories. We will deliver magic DVDs that are in stock to you quickly and reliably by post. We can usually take care of everything else for you within a week.