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Daily shipping from MON-FRI. Plan now for Halloween!
Daily shipping from MON-FRI. Plan now for Halloween!

online magic will Deinparadies.ch

We are strengthening our presence in the Swiss magic market: Onlinemagic.ch is in Deinparadies.ch integrated! From now on you can get everything in one shop.

All downloads, playing cards, books and DVDs are already on Deinparadies.ch accessible. So you will find the identical range here. The magic tricks and magic accessories are constantly being edited, translated and unlocked. Have a little more patience!

🇬🇧 Click here and read all important information about the change In English
🇫🇷 Clique ici et lis all the important information on the change in French.
🇮🇹 Clicca qui e leggi all information importanti sul cambiamento di online magic. Ch in Italian.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time!

Magic greetings
Your paradise team

Deinparadies.ch – Your magic address

Many know ours Deinparadies.ch Shop (Zauberparadies) already! We can highly recommend everyone else to stop by.

We had Onlinemagic.ch launched a good 6 years ago because we wanted to offer you the widest possible range at reasonable prices. We were able to offer you access to over 10 articles while we were in the Zauberparadies continued to carry only selected products.

The online magic shop was used a lot and we were happy about the many orders and contacts. However, there was also a lot of duplication and for some magic friends it was not clear why we had two shops with a similar and partly identical range.

From 2023 things will be easier: Deinparadies.ch is now also available in French, Italian and English; albeit in a provisionally unedited, automatically translated version.

We'll take your downloads with us!

You can find all downloads new on Deinparadies.ch . And also those that you had already bought on Onlinemagic.ch! If we're being honest, your downloads are already there... Sign up Deinparadies.ch or create a new customer account (if you don't already have one) using the same email address you used at Onlinemagic.ch.

The rest runs automatically. All your previous downloads will then be available on Onlinemagic.ch. And with a huge advantage: You no longer have to register separately. The downloads are DIRECTLY IN YOUR CUSTOMER ACCOUNT!

We hope that you are as enthusiastic about it as we are!

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about the whole changeover? Then be sure to contact us by email kunden@deinparadies.ch or as usual at info@onlinemagic.ch

You will continue to get the service you are used to from us.