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13 levels of mental magic by Corinda

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Diti F

13 levels of mental magic by Corinda

As always top service

As always, delivered quickly and great service :)

The definitive book on mental magic, featuring 13 essential techniques you should know and upon which most of the mental tricks you've seen or want to learn are based.

You will receive a complete course in mental magic, which is considered the best work of its kind in the world. It was written by the famous English mentalist Corinda. This is the German edition, which comes in two spiral-bound books.

The book is equally suitable as an introduction to and further reading on the subject. The presentation may seem a bit old-fashioned, but here you will find the most important principles that are still used in mental magic today! A treasure trove and this at a relatively low price that does not do justice to the true value. 

The thirteen chapters contain the following topics

  1. Swami gimmick
    Detailed treatise on the nail or thumb scribe, as well as various special techniques and 30 effects.

  2. pencil, lips, noise, feeling and muscle reading methods,
    that give the impression of real mind reading.

  3. mnemonics and mental systems
    Memorizing 30 words thrown from the audience, magic square, chess tricks (including the knight's jump, which was seen in Wetten Dass..?). Naming the day of the week for each date, card reading systems, mnemonic number codes, etc.

  4. predictions and prophecies
    A variety of methods of predicting seemingly future events and feats of prediction.

  5. Blindfolds and X-ray eyes
    Blindfolded mental tricks including trick blindfolds, reflectors etc. Also the complete routine 'Sightless Vision' by Joe Elman as well as 12 other blind effects.

  6. Zetteltricks methods
    secretly reading slips of paper that viewers have written and folded. Additional eight effects.

  7. book tests
    A total of 10 tricks, many of which have a sensational effect. Plus an interview with Maurice Vogel, probably the most famous English mentalist of our century.

  8. Two people telepathy
    Secret speaking and other codes that enable you to transmit objects handed to you by the audience unnoticed to your blindfolded medium on stage. Among other things, a routine is even described that you can rehearse with your partner within an hour.

  9. Experiments with a medium
    Feats are described here in which you do not appear as a magician, but as a psychic person who is in contact with the 'spirit world'.

    24 effects and routines (including 'The Ghost Cabinet') for demonstration in friends and party circles and on stage.

  10. Mental effects with cards
    A special work on 'card magic in mental magic', ie on card tricks that give the impression that they are due to 'psychic perceptions'.

    A total of 19 effects are described, many with an almost unbelievable effect.

  11. questions and their answers
    This is about the so-called 'Cold Reading', ie how to answer viewers' questions in the most comprehensive and effective way possible.

    This is the stuff that one Eric Jan Hanussen, a dunninger and Kreskin made famous.

  12. Newspaper and advertising experiments
    Here you will learn how to earn as much money as possible with performances, marketing, clients, how to get the public media to report on you, sensational tricks, etc.

  13. lecture and presentation
    Here are the two most important aspects of magic for those whose main purpose is to entertain the audience. You will learn the art of designing your own presentations, which tricks are suitable and much more.

In addition, this book contains the index for the entire '13 Steps'.

456 pages, 2 volumes in DIN A4 format, spiral bound. In German language. 

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