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8 Effects and Sleights by Michael Kociolek

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All routines in this book are card effects and can be performed with a normal deck of cards. Only for an effect you need an additional regular card. Five effects are entirely improvised and can be demonstrated using a borrowed deck of cards.

The book includes the following routines and one trick:

1. You know better - Each of the three spectators receives a card from a shuffled deck. Using their intuition, they randomly place their cards in different parts of the deck. Remarkably, all spectators manage to find the matching cards and get all the credit for the impossible.

2. Off centers - A slightly advanced, but incredibly deceptive, demonstration of mid-dealing. This will take some practice, but rest assured it will be worth it.

3. Du-et - Another example of an effect where not you, but the two spectators do the remarkable, finding their losing pick in a pleasingly improbable way, without you even touching the deck.

4. BoldCollection - An unusual twist on Roy Walton's classic The Collectors effect. The four kings are revealed face up on both the front and back, then three chosen cards magically appear, one at a time, face down between the four face up kings that were never near the deck.

5 Plan B - Using your human reading skills, you will appear to locate the spectators' three chosen cards based on their stories. If you find yourself unsuccessful, you will use your magical abilities in impossible ways to get yourself out of trouble.

6. In Between - A slightly modified version of Michal's first marketed effect, where a card that only exists in the spectator's mind appears between two lost choices used to create this imaginary card.

7. In Oil, Under Water - A two-phase Oil & Water routine with only 8 cards, where the red and black cards mix and separate in and under the spectator's hands.

8. Colors - A great prediction where you know the exact outcome of a truly random game, as well as the map that the spectator chose in an incredibly fair way.

9. MK Simple Shift Variation - A technical twist on Edward Marlo's classic Simple Shift. It's pretty simple, but very deceptive and fun.

Pages: 60 - ca Din A% - Softcover - Black and white illustrations, English language. 

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