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Street parade Saturday open 10am-16pm

Amazing Book of Cards | Great Card Tricks | Joshua Jay

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Learn card magic? Here you have a book that introduces you to the basics of card magic!

Finally, you'll learn how to do all those flashy tricks and flourishes that card players are dying to know about cascading a deck from one hand to another. How to snap two flawless fans. How to slice a deck with one hand. How to choose four aces seemingly at random. How to accurately flick a card across space.

The clearest and easiest book with step-by-step instructions, The Amazing Book of Cards teaches everyone how to do 52 amazing things with a deck of cards.

Written by Joshua Jay, the award-winning close-up magician and card-obsessed author of Magic The Complete Course, The Amazing Book of Cards combines friendly, concise text and color photos with a full-length DVD that teaches the lessons and shows the intricacies of the demonstration.

There are simple, killer tricks here, like Presto Prediction, which accomplishes the impossible task of knowing a person's choice before they even make it. Nine different shuffles, including the Faro Shuffle, which is the most used by pros and allows you to perfectly fold a split deck in seconds.

How to perform fans, flips and squiggles including Ribbon Spread & Flip and Catch-a-Deck. Tricks You Can't Lose - Go ahead, take the bet to put a card in a hat.

How to memorize a deck in under ten seconds, how to put a deck of cards in a glass bottle, build a card castle, and more.

Rounding out this work is a whole world of card trivia, including the origins of the king of spades being modeled after King David, the king of diamonds being Julius Caesar, hearts being Charlemagne and clubs being Alexander the Great.

Pages 200 softbound. In English

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