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Daily shipping from MON-FRI. Plan now for Halloween!
Daily shipping from MON-FRI. Plan now for Halloween!

Art of close-up levitation 1

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Find out what happens when you lock John Jensen, Steve Fearson, Dan Harlan and five of their best friends in a room here: Welcome to the Underground! They've all teamed up in Las Vegas to bring you the best of the underground.

Every town has its magical underground: an isolated clique of hardcore magicians. - Shapes that eat, breathe and conjure. These are guys who don't give away their best tricks easily. But we managed to snatch you away from them. You are just great. Promised!

No effort has been spared in bringing together the best ideas from these thoughtful, creative and astute wizards. The result is this booklet of truly original levitation effects.

The focus is on floating directly in front of the viewer. We believe that every trick in this brochure lives up to this claim.

The Floating Candy
The Floating Bill
Static build up
total suspension
The Phoenix Knot
How to build a spool of thread, and
The floating finger ring

Steve Fearson's fantastic routine featuring a borrowed finger ring that levitates from hand to hand and then flies into the spectator's hand. - And you are clean!
Such a routine alone usually costs as much as the whole brochure.

Brochure in German, 36 pages in A5 format - with many drawings.

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