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Avatar Cards Card Trick | Astor

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What a great card trick to always carry with you:

They pull out a deck of cards and show the viewer two special Plexiglas discs, each of which has the value of a playing card printed on it. Now count cards from the game on the table one by one until the spectator says stop. Place one of the two plexiglass panes at this point.

A second spectator may now also say stop while you again place the cards one by one on the table. Place the second plexiglass pane between the game at the freely chosen position.

Now slide open the game shown below and separate the game at the two points where the plexiglass pane was inserted. You turn over the overlying card and the plexiglass pane and show the spectator that the card values ​​match exactly... well.

It wasn't difficult either, because all the cards are white on the front... You strip the game. However, on the selected cards and only on these two cards, the card values ​​are in fact already printed!

You will receive

  • the specially printed plexiglass panes
  • Video instructions/DVD (English)
  • German printed instructions
  • a special one Bicycle-Card game
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