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NEW opening hours from March 1st! Saturday, Sunday closed
NEW opening hours from March 1st! Saturday, Sunday closed

Ballon Detective by Devin Knight (German)

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Imagine a girl secretly thinking of a balloon shape and a color that she particularly likes. Then you reach into your pocket and pull out balloons of the exact color and model the figure the girl was just thinking of!

And imagine further celebrating this miracle at a birthday party, where several people (no matter whether young or old) think of different colors and shapes and you all fulfill these wishes in an inexplicable way

Devin Knight's Balloon Detective makes this possible in a fairly simple way - without anyone having to tell you what shape they want or what color they have in mind.

Can't or don't want to model balloon animals?

Then just do it like this:

Ask a lady to think of a balloon sculpture and a color. Then pick up a piece of paper and draw something without anyone seeing it.

If you turn the drawing pad over, you can see the sketch of the sculpture that the spectator is imagining, and in the right color too!

You get for this feat

  • four colorful menu cards with balloon animals
  • a 12-page German explanation in which you will be initiated into the secret and use of these cards.

A well-known principle is used, but believe it or not, thanks to a diabolical preparation, you never see the colors and the chosen animals.

With this knowledge you can also design other mental effects if you want to take up a completely different topic than balloons.

Brochure, A5, In German!

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