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Book in German | Woody Aragon

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Woody Aragon is a preeminent card magician, technical expert and entertaining performer from Toledo, Spain. As a writer, lecturer, teacher and performer, Woody Aragon has incredible insights and theories about magic which he shares in this book.

The card magic in this book will inspire, delight, and deceive you as you learn and apply it. It will be your pleasure. Enjoy.

In these pages you will find wonderful card magic, wonderful thoughts and effects that will fool you while you perform them. In recent years, Woody has traveled internationally sharing his card magic and theories, performing, competing and lecturing. Many wizards have asked, "When is Woody going to write a book in English?". After two years of hard work, it's here and you can look forward to it.

Much of the material in "A Book In English" is printed for the first time. Some of this is from previous publications in Spanish but has been revised, rewritten and translated. Much of the material in this book is mathematical in nature. But fear not, it doesn't seem to be mathematical. Woody "gets it".

Try it and you will see that difficult sleight of hand tricks and movements are replaced by really smart thinking. This makes card magic look and feel like real magic. Those who love sleight of hand tricks and maneuvers need not worry. Woody is an excellent sleight of hand and shares his work with them.

Pages 376 - Hardcover - 6,5" x 9,5" - Black and white photos. English language!

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