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Whit Monday closed. loading and shipping again from May 30th
Whit Monday closed. loading and shipping again from May 30th

The magician is not a comedian, but first and foremost a magician, but when he spices up his tricks with wit and creates funny situations, he not only amazes his audience, but also makes them laugh. You will love him for it!

There are not many tricks that fit the selection criteria that led to the compilation of the routines presented here:

  • audience participation
  • situation comedy
  • Simple demonstration
  • Amazing effect
  • Easy to obtain props

Because such feats are rare jewels, such as Wayne Dobson's superb routine ECHO, which we have already offered elsewhere.


  • The fastest card trick in the world by Joe Karson
  • Alexander de Cova's routine A lady does magic
  • Mike Porstmanns switch game, another highlight for speaking magicians.

This compilation is rounded off with a collection of many gags that go with these routines.

All in all, you have great material at your fingertips that you can type straight into and use as it was originally written.

You can also view the three original routines and the gags as a kit and put together a magic comedy routine that is especially suitable for you and your performance situation.

You can find out what this means and how it works using the example of the following two routines Tina does magic and Hans and Anne get their chance. These build on the first three routines and have also been enriched with bonmonts from the gag collection: the result is a veritable explosion of surprises and funny situations involving spectators.

And if you've caught the right viewers - we'll also give you tips on what to look out for when making your selection - then it's pure entertainment.

In German language

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