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The wrong plume sticks

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Anyone who saw Mel Mellers' Modern Marvel DVD was amazed at the entertainment that can be elicited from a simple plume trick.
Entertainment that we think even tops the Twisted Bottles routine!

Entertainment that works for both children and adults and is therefore multifunctional!

What is happening? They show two empty tubes, they really are. Then present two feather dusters and the child chooses one. Now you and the child place the plume, stem first, into the tube, then the tube is rotated three times.

Logically, the feather dusters are upside down after the third rotation.

Both then pull off the tubes, with the child the frond is upside down, with you the stalk points downwards. This is repeated several times and with a surprising ending.

Anyone who now believes that the child would be exposed by the recurring error is wrong. When watching the live recording on the DVD, you could see how much fun the child is having and how wonderfully a trick that actually has no end is brought to a great conclusion!

Before the series started, we spent a long time dealing with the trick, its technical features and routine before it was ready for series production.

This allowed us to eliminate all the weaknesses of previous versions. By exploiting optical tricks, the previously unfavorable size ratio of handle and plume has been optimized, the function improved and the effect increased!

They only use the two plumes. You don't have to swap anything or bring in a second bush or kasche to do it. The two tubes are actually empty at the beginning, during the routine and also at the end!

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