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Dove Trilogy Bonus Pack | Tony Clark

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Together for the FIRST TIME EVER!
Unmasks I, Unmasks II and Behind The Seems DVD and The Dove Workers Handbook.
A $130.00 value!

Unmasks I

This one hour DVD will explain everything from how to feed and take care of your doves as well as how to train them to fly back to you. It will teach you many great techniques and moves that will enhance your dove act. This was shot in Japan and I'm sure you will have fun and learn from it. It will take you behind the scenes and show you how to prepare your costume's for dove working.

Unmasks II

Perform Amazing Dove Magic Without Body Loads!

Effects included:
Dove from Kleenex
Dove Bag Routines
Dove from Newspaper
Latex Dove Deceptions.
Tony Clark gives you step-by-step instructions for constructing the props needed. Tony also instructs you on how to build his ultra-thin folding cage.

Bonus Advanced Section!
Vanishing Cane to Dove (The simplest, most deceptive steal you'll ever perform!)
This one hour DVD is ideal for magicians who perform at private parties, school assemblies, or anywhere body loads are impractical.

Behind The Seams DVD

Learn the Inner Secrets of Dove Magic by the master of dove magic, Tony Clark.
This 80-minute DVD includes vintage, never-seen video clips of Tony Clark's dove act from his home in Connecticut to the Magic Castle to his current full dove act that now opens his smash hit show "fantasy" at the Horizon Hotel & Casino in Lake Tahoe, NV.

Here are some of the priceless techniques on this new DVD:
Invisible Sleeve Steal - The most undetectable dove steal you will ever use!
the jacket Learn to prepare your costume.
The Vest - Learn special techniques on how to enhance your dove pockets.
fake shirt front A cheap tool.
loop - Construct different styles of loops.
Dove Holders - Turn your present dove holder into a one-handed release. Learn how to properly apply an invisible dove harness.
Loop Lengths and Steals - See how different style loops can be used to create different effects.

Tony Clark's Dove Worker's Handbook
This book has a huge amount of priceless tools to help you elevate you dove act to new heights!

The forward is written by the legendary Norm Nielsen.

Table of Contents
-Chapter 1 - Dove Care
-Housing, Feeding and Diet
- Coloring Doves
-Exterior & Interior cages

Chapter 2 - Traveling with doves
-Domestic Travel
- International Travel

Chapter 3 - Traveling Accessories
-Folding road cage
-The Carrier

Chapter 4 - Magicians in the Making
-The Beginning
-Celebrities & Friends (photos)
-The Show (photos from Fantasy Show in Lake Tahoe)

Chapter 5 - Dove Training Techniques
- Dove training
-Return Flight Program (non starvation method)

Chapter 6 - Behind the Seams
- Dove from sleeve toss
- Dove worker accessories
-Dove pockets & positions

Chapter 7 - Diversified Dove Effects
-The Elusive Rubber Dove
- Self Contained Dove Effects
-Double Dove Deception Bag
- Miraculous Growing Dove
- Vanishing Cane to Dove opener

Chapter 8 - Colleague Contributions
-Darwin's Dove Production
-Rand Woodbury's Super Dove
-Vito Lupo's Airmail Dove
- General Grant's Tissue paper to Dove
-Generic Grant's Positive Loop Holder

Chapter 9 - About the Author
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