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Three Chinese Rings

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Many individual maneuvers from the repertoires of Rex Taylor and Aldo Colombini are presented here and finally combined into a complete routine.

In this booklet, Lewis Ganson describes Rex Taylor's complete three-ring routine that has made him so successful. Exactly, with all conceivable sophistication available, you will learn in words and pictures how you have to proceed.

You first learn the turning handle, twirling, chaining and unchaining the rings. Then follows the combination of the individual moves, the complete routine of approx. 45 minutes in its amazing and surprising sequence.

Shown with a moody presentation or synchronized to the music, you will entertain your audience brilliantly because the routine in the effects increases. Very clean, very beautiful.

And as a sort of bonus, Lewis Ganson explains three of Aldo Colombini's very unusual ring play moves: two rings and a cloth (ring cloth penetration), ring up (a ring rising up between two others) and a spontaneous triple unchaining.

Even if you don't want to demonstrate a three ring routine, this booklet contains many ring maneuvers that you can use to increase the impact of any ring game routine.

Translation by Rudolf Braunmüller.

Booklet (stitched) German, with 18 pages DIN A4 and 29 photographic illustrations.

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