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Focus in Magic by Wolf Fisher

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Oftentimes, directing attention happens unconsciously, and therefore there is a risk of directing attention in the wrong direction. This not only reduces the effect, but also unintentionally draws the viewer's attention to the trick technique.

In this book, Wolf Fisher shows you how to determine the right focus, optimize the effect on the audience, disguise the trick technique, develop your own presentations, be able to work in front of a large audience with just a few props. For the first time, Wolf Fisher describes tried-and-tested routines from his practice and underpins them with these examples the theoretical knowledge described.

The trick routines are all from the professional and practicable category - with little baggage and a great effect on the spectators. Always provided with a small sophistication, which can only arise over years of practice in front of a paying amateur audience under the most varied of performance conditions.

Wolf Fisher describes:

Simplex card in socket: a simple and workable version of the card in the sock, suitable for both the table hopper and the stand-up magician!

Finding mnemonic: a useful reminder for mentalists Card cloth: Wolf's routine for the well-known card cloth set

Balloon Prediction: a powerful mental effect with a little finesse

Wolf's piñata: an effect originally conceived for a product presentation that can easily be modified for other purposes

Madame Thusnelda: a visual prediction with a touch of comedy

Amazing Socks: Wolf's most famous effect, where a sock and towel swap places on the performer's leg!

Every single routine and the experiences it contains are a real gem for the practitioner. Wolf's remarks on the correct use of the tip of the thumb and his thoughts on the card sword complete this practical book.

Tips and tricks directly from practice! This book is again a real real world product.

German, 80 pages Din A 5, softcover.

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