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Daily shipping from MON-FRI. Plan now for Halloween!
Daily shipping from MON-FRI. Plan now for Halloween!

Zippered forcing pouch

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A see-through focus pouch that looks like a commercial zipped A4 size (25 x 20 cm) document pouch! No wonder, it is a document case, as it is currently available in stores in many places.

But not really, because a certain something has been worked into the inside to make it a forcing bag, which is not recognizable as such. - In terms of appearance and use, it cannot be compared to the usual fresh-keeping bags which, for inexplicable reasons, are imaginatively decorated with decorative ribbons on the upper edge!

Thanks to the zip fastener, you can handle the loaded document bag completely casually, throw it on the table, depending on the load, even briefly hand it to a spectator, just like handling an everyday item. Yes, you can actually use it in your private life for your travel documents, plane tickets and ID cards, to carry the fee to the bank...

The document pouch is made from a strong, transparent plastic film with an integrated white grid pattern. There is also a manual with many tips for handling and use as well as Chris Curley's routine so that you can inaugurate your latest acquisition right away.

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