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Foundations by Eberhard Riese

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Although the art of magic does not only consist of trick technology, an estimated 99 of all specialist books deal primarily with this topic. New tricks, techniques and grips push all other equally important elements into the background.

Eberhard Riese, director of many successful magic performances and longtime MAGIE editor, puts the cards on the table: his experience and his knowledge of all other aspects of the creation and development of a magic number.

Starting with brainstorming, he describes everything important: the design of the stage character, the equipment, the props and effects, the choice of music (or the presentation), the focus and plot of a performance and much more.
Lots of tips that really help!

The explanations are repeatedly explained using examples from his work in Stuttgart, so that you get an insight into the working techniques used there and the origin of many successful magic performances, including those by Roxanne, Peggy Fox, Topas, Franklin, ChaPeau, Nils Bennett, Wave, Simon Pierro, Andy Haeussler, Dr. Marrax and others whose performances have been developed or improved with the techniques described in this book.

A basic work in which no trick is explained, but which contains everything you need to know about the development and design of a magic performance Ä just FUNDAMENTS der Zauberkunst.

NEW EDITION, 180 pages, numerous photos, firmly bound, four-color format approx. 24,5 x 21 cm

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