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Whit Monday closed. loading and shipping again from May 30th
Whit Monday closed. loading and shipping again from May 30th

An attractively decorated box is presented. The front is closed with a slider, the back is open, and there is a grip hole on one side.
This grip hole is made in such a way that you can reach into it, but not look into it!

Now an object is placed in the box, which cannot be seen by the audience. A spectator should reach into the box and describe this object by touch and, if possible, recognize it.

The object is soft, can be pressed, has large pores, etc. It must therefore be a sponge.
The slider opens and a giant pebble falls out! But you have a good feeling! says the magician while showing the box empty on all sides with the slide open!

The spectator feels the second object, describes it very precisely and decides: It is a soft, supple rope.

The box is opened and you see: It is a piece of barbed wire! The examples could be continued here at will, but the expert already recognizes the enormous entertainment potential that lies in these passages.

But then comes the absolute magical sensation for entertainment! The spectator herself chooses another spectator who then thinks of a single playing card (!) and calls it free. We swear it here: Nothing is forced. Even if this is your first time holding a deck of cards, you could still successfully complete this trick with a sensational ending!

A deck of cards is placed in the box, of course it is shown that they are all different cards. Then the spectator is asked to reach into the box and blindly take out a card.

It is of course the one freely chosen by the viewer!

- No second deck in the box.
- No insider spectators, the map is thought freely.
- A perfect symbiosis of entertainment and magical amazement!

The mysterious box of emotions (based on an idea by Boretti) is unique and has never existed in this form before!

We deliver the beautiful, very decorative box and Boretti's multi-page routine with many additional ideas. Of course, some emotional examples and the playing cards are also included, so that you can actually demonstrate the thing straight away.

In addition, and as a bonus, you get a special routine for the children's show. Thus, this universal prop can be used for any kind of speaking magic!

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