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Please note the store's opening hours. Shipping daily MON-FRI!

High Spots by Caleb Wiles

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About SEVENTY PAGES OF DIABOLIC NEW MAGIC. Rarely does such fresh and mature thinking appear on a new name in magic. This is a collection of eleven fully polished and well thought out card routines.

It ranges from fully self-contained to intermediate and even includes Reswindled, Caleb's version of Reset (which is widely considered to be the best version ever created). And Caleb's semi-automated happiness test is so deceptive and unexpectedly simple, you'll start using it right away.

Reswindled is worth the price of the book ALONE. Paul Harris says, "Caleb Wiles' Reswindled is my new favorite version of Re-Set. So the plot creator recognizes this version as the best. And why? Because not only do the cards switch, they end up turning into the Turning Aces It's such a simple, logical addition, here's all the details.

This is exactly the kind of book we all grew up with in magic and they just aren't being produced anymore. Short, sweet collections of clever and carefully constructed magic.

Everything in it is a showpiece worth learning, and there are so many little things built into each one that you can't help but marvel at the creativity. We had FUN reading this book, so we're including it here.

effect list

Offbeat Aces A simple but visual staging of the four aces between three jokers.

Reswindled The best version of RESET ever!

26! A viewer is subliminally influenced to shuffle one half of the deck to match the order of the other half. No switches!

Word perfect A stand up trick you can use to fool audiences anywhere.

Make a Wish A birthday-themed card effect that's strong enough for a pro, but simple enough for a relative beginner.

Blackjack Be Quick A spectator shuffles a deck and you instantly find a winning blackjack hand, even under test conditions.

Crystal Cut A versatile false cut and control that will creep into your repertoire. Say goodbye to the double undercut!

Little Fella Grows Up A false dealing demonstration that does not require false deals. Your audience will give you far more credit than you deserve!

iDeck A fancy but deceptive card trick with an updated presentation.

Replicator An updated presentation of a suit-changing deck that makes a great sequel to iDeck.

Here a move, there a move, everywhere a move A sleight of hand obvious trick with four unplayed aces.

Semi-Automatic Luck Test A contestant deals and slices to the four kings and aces in this self-functioning stunner.

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