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Daily shipping from MON-FRI. Plan now for Halloween!
Daily shipping from MON-FRI. Plan now for Halloween!

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Rachel Colombini's first DVD of card magic, close-up, parlor and stage tricks for everyone!

Here are the routines

ZODIAC CODE (Rachel & Aldo Colombini)
They show seven jars covered with colored bags. A card and a glass are chosen. The chosen card is revealed in the chosen glass. The other jars are full of money!

WILD CARD CASH (Rachel Colombini)
Two jokers are shown in front and behind. A bill (money) appears between them.

A spectator deals cards and stands where you predicted the card. You can repeat this with other cards.

COUNTDOWN (Aldo Colombini)
Twelve cards and three colored numbers. They deal the cards according to the numbers ordered by the spectator and finally choose a card. This card has been predicted and all other cards are blank.

PHONE ZONE (Peter Duffie)
A trick you can do over the phone!

WISHES AND DREAMS (Rachel Colombini)
A two-card revelation routine in rhyme!

A simple and powerful way to create the four aces from a normal deck.

KENS KLOCK (Ken de Courcy)
A deck and an arrow (clock hand/paddle). A spectator chooses a card. This card appears on the clock face and is the only odd card in the deck.

DICE IT UP (Aldo Colombini)
Comedy with a deck of cards and four dice with mathematical symbols on them.

RIDER (Fantasio, played by himself)
A fun and unique comedy gag where the card box slides on the table as if it were alive!

Running time approx. 36min. In English. 

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