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Daily shipping from MON-FRI. Plan now for Halloween!

Hat Loading Methods by Percy Abbott

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Why is The Inexhaustible Top Hat hardly ever shown to us these days? Because he's too old?

Hardly - because older tricks with a much weaker effect are still standard numbers in the program of many magicians today.

The fact that productions from an empty hat are no longer shown here is simply because too few loading methods are known and the few methods we know are too transparent.

The applause you can achieve with mass production from an empty hat is shown by the example of the Dutch juggler Ad de Lunées, who made the Gannet method described here into a masterpiece!

He brought out such multitudes of various objects that the audience really believed in a miracle.

Percy Abbott walks you through 23 different ways to load a hat with production items completely invisibly in front of viewers.

Learn the methods of Grant, Oscar Teale, Gannet and Tarbell.

You will learn the Kian Tsin Method, Leslie Guest's Misdirection Method and Mark Hall's Nightclub Method (surrounded demonstration).
A wealth of good material.

Brochure in German in DIN A4 format, 24 pages with many illustrations.

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