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Hypnotics - hypnosis tricks

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You want to hypnotize for entertainment? Then these effects in this booklet will help you to carry out amazing experiments that will end up making the audience really believe that you can hypnotize. But these routines have nothing to do with hypnosis, they are based on psychological tricks, anatomical conditions, physics and, in principle, very simple secrets.

The Author Royle works with methods that are very well known to magicians, such as stage whispering, with which audience assistants are turned into secret helpers directly during the show through whispered influences. And unlike Uri Geller, for example, he makes no secret of the fact that he is also a magician himself.

All routines described are from Royle's practice. They have also been an integral part of many other hypnosis shows around the world for decades and, if practiced well, they are proven success factors.

From the table of contents:

  • Weak Arm - Strong Arm
  • cold test
  • Strong man test
  • whole body rigidity
  • The torch trick
  • The human pincushion
  • poor experiment
  • eye test
  • Strong Woman Test A, B and C
  • drunk test
  • stopped pulse
  • weakness test
  • superhuman strength
  • Hypnotic Heat
  • Fixed to the wall
  • Fixed in the chair
  • The girl who can't be lifted up
  • Lift Version B
  • Broomstick test 1 and 2

You want to know what the audience experiences? Then read the example of the arm experiment here:

A volunteer will be chosen at random and brought onto the stage, where they will sit at a table next to you. A second volunteer is chosen and seated at the table to act as an independent observer to closely follow what is coming.

The first volunteer, as the test subject, appears to be put into a flash trance and, due to your hypnotic instructions, has their hand glued to the table.

Apparently you control his mind. Because if you point to his hand and raise your own hand in the air, he will raise his arm at the same time, even though his eyes are tightly shut and he couldn't possibly see your sign. This process looks pretty spooky.

You remain in this position for a moment and then, again without saying a word, you lower your arm and the volunteer puts his or her hand back on the table where it seems to be stuck again.

Now the second contributor, as your helper, is asked to imitate you and point their finger at the first volunteer's hand, saying nothing, and then, if they wish, raise their hand.

Although the test person must have closed his eyes very tightly, he does exactly the same thing as the helper. She raises her arm up in the air at exactly the same time as your helper.

When your helper lowers his arm again, the subject does exactly the same thing, although he cannot see anything and no one gives him any indication as to when which action is taking place.

The test subject is now awakened from their trance and then both persons are sent back to the audience to loud applause.

Brochure in German, paperback, format A5, 50 pages, illustrated.

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