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NEW opening hours from March 1st! Saturday, Sunday closed
NEW opening hours from March 1st! Saturday, Sunday closed

Intuition System by Steve Fearson

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Imagine being able to predict what response your audience will give to EACH QUESTION. Over and over again, with 100 percent accuracy. This is Fearson's intuition system.

Fearson's Intuition System combines an exciting new principle with some very clever routines to create a fiendish and INCREDIBLE mental predictive system.

Other methods of producing similar effects in mentalism can take weeks, months, or even years to master. In contrast, the Intuition System is easy to learn and even fun. You will be able to use it immediately, the same day you receive it!

The procedure is seemingly improvised and uses objects that every magician is familiar with. Just a deck of cards and a sharpie marker.

The plot is simple. You ask your audience to help you answer a question and respond with the first answer that comes to mind. For example: think of a number from 1 to 5 or do you prefer chocolate or vanilla?

First, however, you write a prediction on a playing card that remains visible at all times.

You ask the question and they answer it. It's that simple. The playing card is turned over and it turns out that what you wrote exactly matches the answer!

Of course, there's a chance you just guessed well, right?

Not correct! Here's where you throw that theory out of the way...

You do it over and over again and invariably agree with the answer every time. After you've got it right the second time, things get really exciting. After half a dozen or so, your viewer will have a serious puzzle to ponder!

The questions are presented in a fun and engaging way, so the game isn't boring, but fun from start to finish. You will have a lot of fun with this system. It lends itself easily to a game show, pop quiz, or compatibility test. The questions can be funny, stimulating or intriguing. It's all up to you!

This is clean, pure mentalism at its finest

  • 100 percent accurate, 100 percent!
  • No additional props, visible or invisible, are used.
  • No difficult thumb or nail writing.
  • No equivoque, no fishing.
  • No double lifts, second deals or other card work required.
  • Looks improvised, uses a sharpie marker and a deck of cards.
  • Automatically resets, runs again immediately!
  • Absolutely no suspicious or unusual props, pads, sticks, impression devices or anything like that.
  • You can do this with nothing more than a sharpie and a playing card!

Steve Fearson is known for thinking BECAUSE of the box and this is a perfect example. Not a single prior principle or any existing method is used. This is really a new approach. (If you show this to a magician, you will absolutely blow their minds.)

The following presentations will be explored

MINDREADING - The spectator thinks of a number, a shape or a symbol. You draw something on a card and then show that you got the spectator's mind right!

INTUITION - You write down their answer before asking them the question. You know what they'll be thinking about even before they do! And you prove your intuitive skills by doing it over and over again!

SPECTATOR ESP - Turn the viewer into a mind reader. You write on the card and, like an ESP test, the viewer should guess what you wrote. And they're right every time!

COMPATIBILITY TEST - This test can make a huge impression on someone. Especially with a member of the opposite sex. This test is more of a casual compatibility test than a mental feat. A series of fun questions will be asked. There are no right or wrong answers, just personal preferences. For example: rock music or classical?, boxer shorts or panties?, Starsky or Hutch? Amazingly, you both give the same answer to every question! This proves that you are undeniably compatible. This is STRONG stuff!

QUESTION DECK - You ask your viewer a series of questions. Some are very serious. You reveal that you were able to EXACTLY predict answer after answer. This proves that you are either an incredible judge of character or PSYCHIC!

BONUS ROUTINE - Ask someone to think of a number between 1 and 50. Yes, we said 50. And you can do it! This is a great one Update of a classic effect possible with the Intuition System.

Includes the Intuition System Sharpie, gimmicks and online instructional video in English.

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