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Card box wood | Impossible Travel

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The ultimate card illusion where a signed card magically appears inside the box.

This prop has a long history. Most people associate this trick with the late great Fred Kaps, who used a ring box into which a folded double card was glued.

This was one of the highlights of his lecture, in which he clarified that the method he was using had been shown to him by a German magician named Bruno Hennig. Mr. Kaps had shown it to his good friend Scotty York, who had modified the prop so that the card could rattle in a box before it was revealed. It was Scotty York who later developed some of the best moves and presentations of his prop.

Later variations were published by Jamy Ian Swiss, Italian magician Bruno Canaldi, and in an 1985-page section by Tommy Wonder in his excellent Books of Wonder Vol. 8 in 1 as Card in the Ringbox.

Wild Magic had made a series of these boxes, one for cards, one for money, and one for blank bills. Models have appeared from England, France, Germany and from various manufacturers here in the States.

You will receive

  • a short routine in English,
  • along with a beautiful wooden box.
  • The box measures 6x5x4cm
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