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Please note the store's opening hours. Shipping daily MON-FRI!

Deck of cards with joker

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Card marvels are effects with playing cards, without complicated handles and without complicated instructions.

For example, you can impromptu perform a card marvel anywhere with a spectator's hand-held game, which may even be incomplete. And after just a few moments, your viewers will be amazed...

Card Wonders are effects where cards move, color change, or are found in unusual ways. Some tricks look like great dexterity, others suggest mental abilities...

In this book, Manfred Zöllner presents a colorfully mixed collection of such effects with normal playing cards that use little (or even less) technology, often with borrowed games, and if possible without the request: Draw a card... , but still not fail to have an effect.

All that matters to him is what the viewers feel during the presentation and not that the presenter shines with brilliant finger exercises.

Magic isn't an art if it doesn't stimulate the imagination of the audience... - and you can achieve that if you spice up such card tricks with your joy of performing and a presentation that suits you!

The table of contents of the book provides information at a glance about the conditions under which and the means by which a card jammer is to be demonstrated.
No more unnecessary scrolling when you want to put together your own card jammer program!

And the Joker guides you reliably and quickly to effects that have a particularly lasting effect on your viewers!

A total of 37 routines invite you to practice them.

Softcover, 100 pages DIN A 5, with many illustrations and a bonus routine by Klaus Bertram.

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