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Cruise entertainment by Wolf Fisher

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THE NEW BACKDROP BOOK FOR THE SOLO ENTERTAINER AT SEA BY WOLF FISHER. Who doesn't dream of traveling the world as an entertainer on a cruise ship? But it's not that easy, there's a lot to consider.

Wolf has been working internationally as an entertainer, actor and coach since 1992. Countless shows on various cruise ships have taken him around the world. Wolf Fisher passes this knowledge on to interested entertainers in a condensed, loosely written form. Find out here what no agent tells you! After studying this book, you will be able to tailor your program for cruising and be more successful in entertaining audiences on the seven seas.

Originally published as a chapter in his coaching publication professional and practical for magicians, Wolf Fisher has summarized and revised the relevant topics in this book for all areas of entertainment.

Everyone who is interested in entertainment on a cruise ship or just travels a lot will find valuable insider information here. It doesn't matter whether you are a magician, moderator, pop, musical or opera singer, clown, pantomime, pickpocket, actor or recitation artist

1. Arrival

  • Luggage
  • How do I downsize my props
  • Props from everyday life
  • Special feature micro port / system
  • Fashion
  • suitcase
  • air travel
  • Tour Locations
  • liquids
  • heavy legs
  • fear of flying
  • Accessories on the plane

2.Cruises and their special features

  • swell
  • Artist categories on board
  • Appearances, operations, stage conditions
  • Music
  • Music with live orchestra
  • backing tracks
  • repertoire
  • Reactions, assessment of the show
  • Give and take; dear money
  • General
  • also good to know
  • Air conditioning
  • contact with home
  • excursion guide

Important: This book is largely identical to the book Professional & Practical and specifically designed for all cruising artists, not just magicians.

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