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Daily shipping from MON-FRI. Plan now for Halloween!

Loops - Animated Wonders | Yigal Mesika | German

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Imagine a selected card floating out of a borrowed deck, or you could seemingly move objects with the power of your mind.

A fork would automatically indicate what a person's appetite is; another person could feel an electric current running between your hands

A ring just borrowed from a spectator would suddenly float in the air, or objects would magically jump from another person's hand into your own

All this and much more is possible with loops!

Loops have only been marginally mentioned in specialist literature, which is why they have remained relatively unknown for a long time and are hardly ever used.

The purpose of this booklet is to explain the basic workings of loops while giving you practical applications for stage, close-up and mental magic.

From Contents: The Basics - The Living Fork - The Fork Phenomenon - Telekinesis - The Levitating Map - The Jumping Fork The Mysterious Glasses - Spooky - Magnetic Matches - Invisible Touches - The Levitating Ring

German-language brochure in DIN A4 format, 24 pages with many drawings.

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