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Magic paint pot

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Let's assume you are demonstrating the well-known and popular magic coloring book. The effect here is that a coloring book is flipped through, all pages are white. Then appear, first effect, black outline drawings, which are then, second effect, colorfully conjured up.

Ask the children if you can do colorful magic Farbe, brush and a rag with you. No? Lucky you just tidied up your garage, even though it was full of cobwebs. In the farthest corner you have a pot of real magicfarbe found. You open the lid of the Magic Paint Pot - and a giant spider is dangling from the lid!

Now begins a warm up that alone is worth the price of the whole trick. You don't notice the spider at first. Sometimes the spider is there, then gone again. After the spider has been clarified, the magic begins.

You take a brush, dip it in the paint pot and it comes out red, for example. So far so good. When dipped again, the brush is yellow. Then green, then blue. But what if you have to paint stripes? No problem, because in the next moment the brush is striped yellow/red. And how do you make dots - of course, with a blue/yellow dotted brush of course.

We deliver this children's entertainment hit, which was invented by the late English children's entertainer Len Blease and for which we have the sole manufacturing rights, completely screening ready.

That is, you get the Magic Paint Pot, the brush, which is seven times his Farbe can change and of course the big, black spider, as well as a detailed, field-tested, German-language explanation.

A magic coloring book can be ordered separately.

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