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by ZZM

Mark Weston's cigarette production

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Would you like to incorporate a new type of cigarette production into your program that can be demonstrated without great effort? Good, here she is!

A single cigarette appears in your left hand, which you take away with your right hand in order to put it openly in your right jacket pocket. Meanwhile, a cigarette appears again in the left fist. As before, this too is taken away and put into the pocket - and again a cigarette has appeared on the left.

This process repeats itself over and over, giving the impression that you can spawn as many cigarettes as you like.

The whole thing looks like real magic to your viewers, especially if you keep increasing the tempo.
During the performance of this routine, the hands can be shown at any time and your viewers will believe that you no longer have any control over what is happening to you.

A delicious comedy sequence that fits into any type of performance. (It doesn't always have to be cigarettes!)

Also included in this booklet is an excellent manipulation routine (Eyerything Happens for Ken Miller) by Bengt Nilsson:
The box of a certain brand of cigarettes turns into the box of another brand.
Then a cigarette rises out of the box, before the latter suddenly turns into a banknote.

You realize that you are holding an unlit cigarette between your lips, prompting you to turn the bill into a book of matches. You light the cigarette - and hold the bill in your hand again, which you slowly fold in order to finally produce a large silver coin out of it...

A particularly strong aspect of this routine is the clean handling of the items used. For example, the bank note is shown from the front and back before it visibly transforms into the book of matches, which is also shown from all sides.

As a bonus, Lewis Ganson describes a very powerful hands-free cigarette disappearance by Luis Gavilondo.

You receive:
the booklet (DIN A4) with 21 pages, 25 photographic images; it is firmly pinned.

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