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Please note the store's opening hours. Shipping daily MON-FRI!

Mayhew (What Women Want)

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What do you get when you mix unbridled amazement, ruthless deceit, and a wacky sense of humor?

A Richard Nixon
B. Steve Mayhew
C. Colonel Sanders' head on a rubber chicken
D. All of the above

If you chose anything other than B, you may not have noticed the title of this book.

Steve Mayhew has been a widely respected and pioneering close-up performer for many years. His performances and magic have long been known for their marked originality, both by those who have seen him perform and by those who have read the few tricks of his that have appeared in hard-to-reach publications.

Mayhew's material will be demonstrated by some of the world's most respected card magicians. All of these tricks and many previously unpublished ones are collected here, in their newest form, many with full presentations in six lavish chapters of card tricks, gambling routines and sleights.

Are included

Freedom - Open cards are shuffled into hidden cards without a doubt. Then all face-up cards are quickly dealt from the deck, finishing with the four aces and leaving only the face-down cards undealt. This game entered the repertoire of top professionals as soon as it was released.

hungry now The red aces are buried in the stack. A freely chosen card is then placed neatly on top of the deck, whereupon the red aces immediately appear there, pinching the choice between the two - a feat so visually striking and physically demanding that even Dan and Dave Buck were impressed.

Wet or Black?- A spectator breaks the deck into eight piles while answering several intimate questions. The last question is red or black? He replies. When the top card of each of his eight decks is revealed, it matches his freely named deck Farbe match!

The capital- A 100 ticket swap routine that gives new meaning to the idea of ​​throwing money away, for a cost of just 5 and a few Red Carnations per show. Many consider this to be the best and funnest bill switch routine ever devised.

All these and over forty other articles are bound here in a convenient format of 294 pages, photo illustrated and hardcover. In English. 

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