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Mind Warp by Richard Marx

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If you're one of those who haven't discovered the ingenious, almost diabolical way in which Richard Mark approaches his craft, you're in for a surprise.

Imagine showing a sealed envelope (from the Fantasy House Clearing Sweepstakes) that stays in view. A spectator chooses freely and loudly names a celebrity and three sweepstakes prizes. He is given the envelope - without a switch - to open it and read the contents. The letter inside announces, in typical publicity frenzy, that the entrant is a finalist in the Sweepstakes and that the named celebrity will present one of three prizes - the very prizes that the entrant selected!

They tear a page from the newspaper into dozens of pieces. A participant indicates which of the pieces to use, takes that piece and points to a word written on it. He opens an envelope he saw before choosing his piece of newspaper and reads the letter inside, which perfectly predicts the chosen word!

Secret celebrity identities are assumed by three participants from the audience. With their backs turned to you, each helper freely chooses a present for themselves from a box containing a wide range of plush toys and gag gifts and hides it in a paper bag. Without asking a single question, you can name not only the celebrity persona adopted by each helper, but also each individual gift chosen!

These routines (and many more) are revealed in this volume. Many of these impressive and creative presentations have so far only been available to mentalism insiders, who have often paid more than the price of this book for a single routine!

Richard Mark... is dedicated to developing innovative routines and techniques... He understands why certain routines work and others don't, and his thoughts are valuable to any performer of this type of entertainment. From the foreword to the second edition by Ken Weber, author of Maximum Entertainment.

Pages 176 - Softbound. In English

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