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Daily shipping from MON-FRI. Plan now for Halloween!

Monte Gambler Tricks | Jon Jensen

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Gambler tricks are very impressive for non-professionals. - Many people have already heard of the caraway leaf (three-card monte) or the shell game (nutshell game).

All Monte Effects involve following an item that is swapped with two others. It is usually played for money. Initially, the unsuspecting player wins, but as the stakes increase, he will only lose.

Therefore, exciting routines, great stories and the best entertainment result almost automatically from Monte effects for magic.

The guys Jon Jensen, Phil Kannen, Gary Darwin, Ryan Rising, Sean Chritchfield and Dan Harlan got together for this brochure.

You won't believe how different Monte tricks can be, and how diverse top-quality routines have been compiled here.

You can find Monte Effects with all sorts of things and seemingly impossible things, but not with playing cards:
Monte with bills, lota vases, trash cans (for the stage), pill boxes, lids, chewing gum, knives, coins, crayons and matchboxes.

The coloring books trick alone is worth the price of this booklet for a good child magician.

German-language brochure in DIN A5 format, 40 pages with many drawings.

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