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Okito glass bottomless glass

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A bottomless glass... with a bottom! That's right! This bottomless glass has a bottom! The bottom is a separate plastic piece and can be secured on the bottom and also removed from the glass.

When the bottom is in place, it looks like a normal glass. You can perform all routines with this cleverly gimmicked glass that you would perform with a normal bottomless glass. However, this glass has more advantages: 15 routines, tips and tricks are described in the instructions.

Use the glass for mentalism, comedy, stage and close-up magic!
- Exchange cards or paper billets!
- Switch or vanish items instantly!
- Even a spectator can handle the glass without giving the secret away!

This glass is a perfect combination with our other trick glasses, like Flash Cocktail, Glass Silk Ball and Egg, Hypno Glass and many more.

The glass is about 4 inches (10,5 cm) high, with a diameter of approx. 3.14 inches (8 cm) at the top and 2.16 (5,5 cm) at the bottom.

Comes complete in a nice box with detailed instructions.

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