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Please note the store's opening hours. Shipping daily MON-FRI!
Please note the store's opening hours. Shipping daily MON-FRI!

Present ring box

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The RING BOX - The unforgettable experience at weddings and celebrations.

Ask a viewer for her wedding ring. Cover the ring with a cloth and give it to another spectator with a request to hold the cloth and ring tightly.

Give the owner of the wedding ring a wooden box closed with rubber bands for safekeeping. Now turn back to the player who is holding the cloth and ring.

He will confirm that the ring is still under the cloth. However, if you pull the handkerchief out of the spectator's hand, the wedding ring has GONE WITHOUT A TRACE!

Now ask the owner of the ring to open the wooden box. To the audience's surprise, a second box, also locked, appears. And inside is another box, and another, and another, until at the end the spectator has opened FIVE WOODEN BOXES.

In the smallest box, which is also locked, is the wedding ring that was borrowed at the beginning! All boxes are opened by the spectator himself and all are INDIVIDUALLY CLOSED with rubber bands.

The box is handed to the other player before the ring disappears under the cloth!

We deliver PRESENT complete with five wooden boxes, the tool and detailed instructions.

As an addition, we recommend the RING CLOTH (not included).

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