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NEW opening hours from March 1st! Saturday, Sunday closed
NEW opening hours from March 1st! Saturday, Sunday closed

Principles of Magic by Richard Osterlind

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Why can two magicians perform the same material when one consistently receives a much more enthusiastic response from the audience?

Is it possible that some of magic's most sacred axioms, such as "never repeat a trick" and "never tell the audience what you're going to do" are ultimately responsible for the vast amount of mediocre magic out there?

What is the biggest lie in magic?

These are just some of the issues Richard Osterlind addresses in what is perhaps his most impassioned plea yet for a return to the fundamental principles that once made magic one of the most respected of the performing arts. Over the years, these principles have been misinterpreted, misunderstood, or largely ignored, resulting in magic's unfortunate and undeserved loss of its rightful place in public esteem.

The Principles of Magic is Richard Osterlind's warning flag that as artists we need to change many of our approaches and attitudes before it's too late and magic is gone forever.

As a bonus, Richard offers one of the strongest possible openers for a magic or mentalism program with Inside The Fold. It's a surefire way to instantly gain the respect and attention of any audience.

More than just a reasoned appeal to all mystery performers to restore magic to its highest artistic potential, The Principles of Magic is about rediscovering what it was about magic that you first loved.. .and maybe relearn how to share your original miracle with others.

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