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Whit Monday closed. loading and shipping again from May 30th
Whit Monday closed. loading and shipping again from May 30th

Wir raten dringend vom Kauf ab, falls Sie lediglich ein Wort, einen Kartenwert, eine Farbe oder Tante Emmas Geburtstag voraussagen wollen.

You would be wasting enormous potential and not exploiting the intricacies contained in this concept.

But first, let's take a look at the past
In 1985, Devin Knight delivered a sealed and notarized proposition to a Pennsylvania State Senator. - She wasn't touched by Knight from that moment on.

When that prediction was opened and read by the senator four weeks later on Knight's Show, it contained the shocking news of a military plane crashing over Newfoundland.

more than 200 people died in the process.

Shockingly, the prediction had come true in full, even though it had been made weeks in advance. The notary later swore that he had confirmed that very prediction, but never suspected that it would ever come to pass. The press picked up the story and over 2000 newspapers worldwide reported the incident.

With that, Knight holds the record for the most publicity ever garnered by a headline prediction. - Many reporters tried to debunk the ruse believed to be behind the prediction. But all attempts failed. Even scientists and skeptics were puzzled.

The technique used is based on principles that have been kept secret for over 15 years and which Knight has now written down in a very voluminous manuscript.

Glass Box Headline Prediction is not a feat, trick, trick device,
it is a concept, and the manuscript is like a construction kit, with which various routines for headline forecasts with public impact can be put together from different ideas, techniques and methods.

The main points and details of this manuscript have never been published before. This publication is a treasure trove for anyone looking for a really good headline prediction. Anyone who knows how professional mentalists think will appreciate the real value of this manuscript.
The secret of this headline prediction would have been worth a fortune in the late 1980's.

But please don't expect us to deliver you a trick box!
Of course, the manuscript comes with a transparent box identical to the model Knight is using, but you could buy such a box elsewhere.

We have acquired the copyright for the German language publication from Devin Knight.

For the German edition, two German professionals contributed their experiences with Devin Knight's concept. None other than Joro and Ully Loup have used this headline prediction successfully in Germany and are sharing their thoughts and advice with you.

You will receive a 26-page brochure in DIN A4 format and the plastic glass box.

Joro This concept is very practical and is also suitable for smaller occasions, such as club parties or family celebrations, so there are many more possible uses than with other predictions.

Al Mann A predictive effect is an awesome thing that has a lasting effect. It is a matter for thought and plays with the minds of those involved. Is this possible? Can this be real? It saps the common sense and sanity of any normal person...

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