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Store in Zurich closed until February 28th. Online shipping normally possible.

Shadow Wallet Carbon Fiber | Dee Christopher | The 1914

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"I really love modern and organic magic, and it's for that reason I think that Dee's Shadow Wallet is going to be the best peek wallet for magicians like me! I am sure that you will use it forever!"
- Adrian Vega

"This thing is so freaking cool! The perfect everyday carry! It looks smart, it is compact and the functionality is incredible considering its size! This will be something you ALWAYS carry!"
- Jamie Daws

"Dee's Shadow wallet is the next evolution in Mentalism slimline wallets. It incorporates a solid and reliable peek that allows you to view 99% of a business card - no funny moves or reversed images so you can reveal literally anything!
And the strongest and smartest version of a named card in wallet I've ever seen. And once again, having a vegan option is hugely appreciated by me and a growing number or people.
This thing is now my everyday wallet so I'm always ready to amaze and astonish."

- Alexander Marsch

"I know that I could enter any room with just this wallet in my pocket, and walk out having amazed every single person. The ability to have a thought of star sign or playing card in my everyday wallet as well as a powerful peek opens up so many possibilities. The materials are first class, the methods are well thought out and the effects are mind blowing. And with a carbon fiber option, I'll probably never have to buy another wallet again."
- Lewis Leval

"Dee's shadow wallet should be every magicians EDC.
It's rare you find something stylish that you will be proud to use as an everyday wallet, that packs an entire close up act. This is a huge achievement.
Razor was sharp but it has now been shadowed by this new offering. I wholeheartedly recommend Shadow Wallet for anyone that wants to read minds."

-Joel Dickinson

The Shadow Wallet by Dee Christopher & The 1914 is a revolutionary, minimalist mentalism device.

The world's slimmest self-contained wallet with Index and Peek. It has been designed in two different styles that will fit in any pocket (even the skinny jeans), purse or pocket. Choose the model that suits you best:

CLASSIC LEATHER EDITION: Crafted from premium soft leather, this wallet offers a timeless, premium look for those who want to show professionalism and class at business meetings, awards ceremonies and black tie events.

Carbon Fiber Edition: The first magic wallet ever made from real carbon fiber that will last a lifetime. The glossy, modern look of carbon fiber is adorned with vegan leather to create a cruelty-free option for artists seeking a futuristic, post-modern look for casual situations, nightclub performances, and street performances.

Despite being just 1cm thick when fully loaded with your credit cards, cash and the included gimmicks and privacy filter, Shadow will have you performing mind-blowing mental feats in no time.

- You can draw a specific card from the wallet and then show that it is empty except for that card. (No deck required, cards are included.)

- You can read any information on a business card in the wallet (with or without the included filter).

- You can even perform a unique Book Test effect by opening and fully examining a single page in the wallet. (With an ordinary book, you'll have hundreds of refills for next to nothing!)

In the two-hour master class that comes with the purchase of your new wallet, Dee Christopher and Lewis Le Val discuss the many options you have for the above effects. Regardless of your experience or skill level, you will be able to perform these tricks with this amazing device. The guys in an entertaining way teach a lot of peeks for different situations, different hand movements for the thought of the card (or zodiac sign) in the wallet and a variety of subtleties, routines, tips and other works.

You will participate in the discussion and absorb a great deal of knowledge, for they hold nothing back. You get everything you need to perform incredible mind-reading and prediction effects with your new, ultra-minimalist, everyday wallet.

The Shadow Wallet gives you the power to create your own effects. With the cleanest peeks, a 6x index that can contain up to 12 outs, the concepts discussed in the masterclass, and your creativity, you'll be creating your own unique routines in no time.

Over the past few years, Dee has listened to feedback from the magician community on minimalist magic binders. Every point has been considered in this new offer with great attention to detail:
  • More pockets
  • Better materials
  • Easier Actions
  • More effects

And all while maintaining the innocent and stylish exterior that makes this bag an essential accessory for any close-up or virtual performer.

Less than 1000 wallets in each style are currently in stock. Choose your style now and get ready to share your magical talents with everyone you meet!

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