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Simple and Direct SAD

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From the mind of one of mentalism's rising stars comes an important book on practical, simple and direct mentalism.

Why should you be interested in this book? Because it contains powerful, entertaining close-up mentalism that has been honed to the razor's edge through constant real-world exposure. Looch only shows direct, clear effects that are guaranteed to amaze the audience.

Looch has overcome one of the problems faced by many mentalists by finding clever ways to retain the element of surprise in his work, taking the material, even standard plots, to a new level of wonder.

If you've always wished you had more visual effects, more engaging presentations, and more practical methods, then this book will inspire you.

Design duplications, photographic memory stunts, predictions, impossible coincidences, ESP testing and psychic control - all are covered by Looch and prove fertile ground for his beguiling presentations.

He even has a routine that lets you fake Superman's most iconic powers!

There are more than a dozen complete 'Simple and Direct' routines in all, plus three bonus effects, along with Looch's reflections on his approach to working with clubs, books, playing cards and other props in a mentalistic context.

The clarity of these performances allows the mentalist to focus on the essence of each effect, giving viewers a believable yet incredible premise that will keep them talking long after the performance. If you want strong, timely material that will leave a lasting impression on your audience, this is it.

Book English, 109 pages

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