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Stealth Belt by Darryl Vanamburg

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Are you putting together a routine and wondering where and how many pockets and secret storage options you need on your body/harness? Then the Stealth BELT is the right one.

The Stealth Belt is a belt that can be adjusted and adjusted at will. It consists of an approx. 10cm wide belt part made of Velcro material with adjustable belt buckles attached to the ends. Buckle this strap on and start finding the right position for your cup load, your deck of cards, your secret coin box with the various pouches supplied, which can be attached to the Velcro. Climb the pockets a little further down, a little up again; further backwards and forwards again until they are where you want them. 

You are now optimally equipped.

Perhaps you can have the belt adjusted by a seamstress at a later date or have it integrated into your pants. But now you and your seamstress know exactly where the pockets have to be. Brilliant!

The Stealth Belt is suitable as a holder for:

- Forecast slip
- pyro paper
- Thumbtips
- Sharpie markers
- Coins
- Business cards
- Lighter
- playing cards...

...everything perfectly in its place!

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