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switch board | Martin Anderson

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A toy for many magicians, this "gadget" has become a collector's item. There are many different versions, but their appearance and presentation often make them an electronic novelty or mystery. Few versions are truly magical.

At IDEAA Lab we set ourselves two goals: to reduce the electronics to the point where they almost disappear and to offer strong magic.

The classic

The "magic switch box" or "magic panel" is an effect that was developed decades ago, with some switches and bulbs of different colors. The wiring is visible, it's obvious which switch turns on which lightbulb.

The magic begins when the bulb colors are mixed, but each switch still turns on the bulb of the corresponding color even if the electrical connections don't match.


  • the smallest version available (only 1,6 mm thick)
  • Circuit with 4 switches, 4 bulb holders and battery holder
  • powerful and magical ending
  • 2 easy to perform routines and 3 more routines
  • 7 different effects
  • Lightbulbs are LED
  • The program that controls switch boards is open source. This means you can modify it however you like and reprogram your circuit.

routines and effects

The circuit allows you 5 different routines. Two of them are programmed, one is basic and the other is intermediate. So you can use it as you get it without any complications.

In total, you can run 5 routines with your Switch Board. You can choose which routine you want to run at any time. The reset is instantaneous and you select the routine in front of the audience without raising suspicion, allowing you to perform a different routine in front of the same audience.

To build the routines we have 7 possible effects. The effects differ from each other, allowing you to gradually build the routine in strength and complexity.

create routines

You don't need to have any programming knowledge or connect the board to a computer to create a routine.

With a few toggles you can create a new routine and choose which effects you want to run, in what order, if you want to repeat them, etc. There is a step-by-step video explaining this, and it's very simple. If you get tired, you can change them as many times as you want.

And the magic?

In addition to Switch Board's magic and effects, we decided to take it a step further: we wanted the effect to have a magic ending.

Regardless of the routines or presentations, we wanted to be able to end the routine with a powerful and memorable effect. If there is someone who has a feeling of indifference, then definitely end them.

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