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Tarbell 16: The rope and band principle

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The rope and band method is one of the oldest trick techniques in the field of magic. Since Hindu fakirs perform similar effects using two short ropes and one, two or three wooden balls, one can assume that this method was handed down from the ancient Hindu magicians.

The first modern version of this effect comes in the form of a pocket trick that has become known as Grandmother's Necklace. But the principle can just as well be implemented in an illusion show with the participation of spectators.

In this lesson, Harlan Tarbell introduces you to five routines that are very different and yet have one thing in common: their secret trick lies in the rope and band principle. Four of these effects require audience participation, so are also suitable for a stage. Fifth, you will use your own body to demonstrate how to hang yourself, a feat that has become a staple in the repertoire of street magicians, carnival performers and medicine show vendors.

In the afterword, the secret of grandmother's necklace is also revealed.

Brochure in German, paperback, format 15,5 x 23,5 cm, 36 pages, many drawings.

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