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Tarbell 32-33A Spirit lights, illusions, mental

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Lessons 32, 33 and 33 A Spirit Lights, Illusions and Mentals

This edition combines three lessons on quite different subject areas.

Lesson 32 is devoted to "ghost lights" created in dark rooms through the use of fluorescent lights Farben can be generated. They get to know amazing effects and are thus able to evoke mysterious apparitions during a séance, for example.

In Lesson 33, you do Harlan Tarbell Become familiar with three illusions that are easy to perform and the props for which can be obtained inexpensively. The "Secret of King Tutankhamun" and "Who and Which" are illusions about people swapping, in "Three Kings and a Queen" the queen appears from three giant cards put together to form a screen.

The tricks of Lesson 33 A were from Karl Fulves brought in for the Tarbell Course in Magic. These are mental-magical experiments such as predictions, influences, disclosures. Of course that's from Karl Fulves preferred prop a deck of cards. Among other things, you will also learn the famous on this occasion Si-Stebbinsknow the card laying system.


Lessons 32, 33 and 33A Spirit Lights, Illusions and Mentals


Lesson 32 Spirit Lights

ghost map in the dark 

Year of issue on borrowed coin

The Phantom Cube

The journal experiment

The Phantom Ashtray 

Spirit Light in the Dark Séance

The Evil Eye

Eerie Lights

Make ghostly items appear

Ghostly Faces

materialization of a spirit

Ghost lights under test conditions


Lesson 33 illusions

The Mystery of King Tutankhamun

Who and which

Three Kings and a Queen


Lesson 33A Mental Magic

Optical forcing

Demonic Digits

Ultra Cube

The folded prophecy

Congress of Liars

clocks and cards

Rough manners


 56 pages, translation: Rene Reinholz, Cover photo: Danny Daniels

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