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Tarbell 34-35: Show Business

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Lesson 34 explains the basic and general structure of a magic show. How should a balanced show be designed? What goes between the obligatory opening number and the last act? What should be considered with the last number before the break? Which mistakes must be avoided at all costs?

All of these questions are answered using numerous practical examples. Famous role models are presented and the reader thus receives the basics for staging a magic show that always keeps the audience in suspense.

This is followed in Lesson 35 by showing how to make your audience laugh. What situations, actions, and events cause laughter? A psychology of laughter is developed and backed up by many practical examples. Basic principles of generating cheerfulness, such as creating unexpected situations, misleading expectations, constantly repeating actually incidental actions, etc. are the tools for including comedy elements in your own magic number.

Harlan Tarbell reviews the greats of American entertainment from the first half of the 20th century. Even if their shows can only be admired in historical recordings today, the principles, tricks and tricks they use are universal and timeless.

Brochure in German, paperback, format 15,5 x 23,5 cm, 48 pages, many drawings.

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