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Whit Monday closed. loading and shipping again from May 30th

Many people have a strong need to delve deeply into the unknown, the unfathomable, and the supernatural. Magicians who act as mind readers, fortune tellers or clairvoyants know about this human trait and have always delighted their audiences in front of sold out houses all over the world.

This lesson will introduce you to a variety of different effects that you can perform off the cuff, at home, in the club, or on stage, including some that, when presented properly, are so stunning that the uninitiated can easily understand them suspect supernatural or magical powers at work.

Harlan Tarbell spans the mental arc from book tests to different variations of live-death tests to answering questions in front of a large audience. In doing so, he will familiarize you with a wide variety of techniques, tools and psychological subtleties, and thus provide you with the basics for a convincing act of mind-reading.

Book in German, cardboard, format 15,5 x 23,5 cm, 92 pages, many drawings.

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